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Why Is What’s Your Price A Top Sugar Dating Site In 2024

Why Is What’s Your Price A Top Sugar Dating Site In 2024
About Site
Active Audience 69%
Quality Matches 69%
Popular Age 24-37
Profiles 487 064
Reply Rate 71%
Ease of Use 6.9
Popularity 8.5
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Interesting dating bid concept
  • Women can use the site for free
  • No ads
  • Credits instead of monthly fees
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Only paid users can send messengers
  • Not as many wealthy men as other platforms
  • No mobile app

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Are you struggling to find that perfect sugar daddy who will treat you like a princess? Then it is time to sign up to What’s Your Price! What’s Your Price gives you instant access to wealthy men from around the globe who love splashing their cash on their sugar babies. To learn why this site is used by millions of sugar babies keep reading our detailed guide!

What is What’s Your Price


What’s Your Price is a unique dating site where men bid to go on dates with attractive women. The minimum bid is $5 with most bids being under $100. This dating site was founded in 2007 by the same team behind the legendary sugar dating site Seeking Arrangement. What’s Your Price is a great way to meet wealthy men who have no qualms about paying for time and showering you with gifts.

What’s Your Price has over 1 million users with the majority residing in the US, Canada, and the UK. On this site, you create a profile, upload photos, and then you just need to wait for wealthy men to place bids! If you register at What’s Your Price you will have thousands of wealthy daddies paying you to go on dates!

Design, Interface, And Usability


What’s Your Price is a professionally designed site that is easy to use and pleasant on the eyes. The site has extensive features which are simple to take advantage of due to the platform’s well-designed navigation. What’s Your Price features a white background with multiple shades of blue which makes it a joy to scroll through the page and read users’ profiles. The site is also highly responsive and its page loading speed is incredibly fast.

Does What’s Your Price Have An App?

What’s Your Price does not have an app and currently there is no plan to build it. However, iPhone and Android users can easily access the site via their device’s browser. The mobile version of the site works incredibly well as the page speed is fast, the images are high quality and you can easily browse profiles and chat directly from your phone.

Who Uses What’s Your Price?


Currently, there are over 1 million users on What’s Your Price with nearly 80% of users hailing from America. The site also has a significant user base from the UK, Canada, and Australia. The average male user on the site is in his 40s and has significant amounts of disposable income and is looking to meet younger attractive women. While the average female user is in her 20s and is looking to meet a sugar daddy who can support her financially. The gender breakdown is currently 75% women and 25% women.

Chances to find a sugar daddy on What’s Your Price

A large percentage of male users on What’s Your Price are sugar daddies and are looking to establish long-term relationships with young girls in exchange for financial rewards. While the average bid for a date is around $30 many girls are able to convert these initial dates into long-term relationships where they are being paid $3000 or more every month. Girls are also able to receive huge presents such as cars, clothes, and apartments. As there are more women than men on the platform the competition can be high but there are still enough sugar daddies to go around!

How To Register At What’s Your Price?


Signing up at What’s Your Price is super fast and simple. To get started follow these steps:

  1. Share your email and create a password
  2. Type in personal information including name, DOB, gender, and address
  3. Upload a profile image – the photo must be of you otherwise your profile will be rejected
  4. Complete profile – write information about yourself including hobbies, personality, and what you want in a man
  5. Wait for customer support to verify your profile

The whole registration process can be completed within 5 minutes. After signing up your account will be verified within 24 hours and then you can receive bids from thousands of sugar daddies!

What’s Your Price Profile Details

What’s Your Price allows you to stand out from other users by creating an in-depth profile filled with interesting details about yourself. Here are some of the profile categories which you can complete to help you find that handsome and successful sugar daddy that you deserve.

About me – This is an important section where you can describe your physical characteristics such as body type, age, gender, eye, and hair color, weight and height. Remember to be honest in this section and have a photo that matches your description.

Level of Education – Stand out from other sugar babies by letting your potential sugar daddies know that you can hold a conversation and have a brain. Here you can state if you have a bachelor’s, master’s or even a PhD degree.

Hobbies – Let sugar daddies know how you decide to spend your free time. If a sugar daddy finds out you and him have similar hobbies they are way more likely to start bidding on your profile.

Photos – Every user at What’s Your Price can upload photos to their profiles. Photos are the most important element of your profile as this is how most sugar daddies are basing their decision on whether or not to bid on your profile. You need to make your photos are high quality, just feature you, have interesting backgrounds, and highlight your best qualities.

When building your profile at What’s Your Price we recommend you fill out all sections and include interesting information but still leave some elements to the imagination. By following this strategy you will quickly catch the eye of passing by sugar daddies who will feel compelled to bid on your profile.

User Verification

What’s Your Price verifies all users who register. The site does not explicitly state their process but they will ban accounts that have fake pictures or do not share their real names. Customer support spends a significant amount of time checking each profile and you can expect to be verified after 24 hours. What’s Your Price does not perform background checks so you still need to be careful when talking to users on the platform as the site has not confirmed their criminal record, address, and income.

What’s Your Price Searching & Matching Algorithm

What’s Your Price does not have a matching algorithm and there is no need to spend hours of your life aimlessly swiping through profiles. At What’s Your Price you can browse through profiles by using the platform’s search functions. You can filter users based on a variety of factors such as location, age, physical appearance, and more. However, to start a conversation you will have to wait until your profile has been bid on. Once the bid has been concluded you can start talking to the winner and begin organizing your date.

What’s Your Price Pricing and Subscription Plans


To unlock exclusive features and successfully bid on profiles users at What’s Your Price need to purchase credits that operate as the site’s virtual currency. 1000 credits can be purchased for $50 ($0.5 per credit), 450 credits for $150 ($0.33 per credit) and 1000 credits for $250 ($0.25 per credit).

Free features

What’s Your Price has a great range of features for free accounts. Check out some of those great features below:

Profile – It is completely free to sign up and create an account at What’s Your Price. On your profile, you can describe yourself and write about your appearance, where you are from, your personality, and hobbies. By including this information you can stand out from the crowd and attract sugar daddies.

Pictures – Every user at What’s Your Price can upload a profile image and add other photos to their album. Profiles that have 3 or more photos tend to perform the best and attract the most bids.

Winks – A great way to catch the attention of a sugar daddy is to send them a wink. A wink is a great way to entice a sugar daddy to bid on your profile and you never know they may start showering you in gifts in no time!

Favorite – If you are a busy sugar baby you probably don’t have all day to spend browsing through profiles. Well with What’s Your Price if you come across a profile you like you can save them to your favorites list. The next time to log back into your account you will be able to open your favorites list and reopen that profile of your ideal sugar daddy

Reply to Messages – If you are a sugar baby and your profile has received bids once the auction is over you can message the winner as many times as you like for free!

Search – To help you hunt down your perfect sugar daddy who is perfect for you can take advantage of What’s Your Price’s search filters including height, age, location, hair and eye color, and more!

What’s Your Price is completely free if you are a sugar baby and you can enjoy the site’s full functionality. However, if sugar daddies want to get in on the action and access premium features such as the ones below they will have to pay.

Premium features

What’s Your Price has exclusive features for paying accounts which make it easy for your dream sugar daddy to connect with you. Check out these paid features:

Making Bids – The way What’s Your Price works is that men browse through profiles of women and when they find one they like they bid which entitles them to go on a date. They bid in credits that are worth real money. The minimum bid is $5 and there is no cap, in some places like San Francisco the average winning bid is almost $500. If men want to connect with you they will have to pay and make bids!

Unlimited Messages – After a man has made a successful bid on your profile they then can start messaging you and organize the details of your date. Only successful bidders can send you a message so you don’t have to worry about broke sugar daddies trying to hit you up. Also as a woman, you don’t have to pay anything to send or reply to messages. If you decline their offer they will no longer be able to message you and their bid will be refunded. However, if you agree to the date you get to keep the money!

These premium features only apply to sugar daddies. If you are a sugar baby all you need to do is create a free account and wait for rich men to start making bids. After the bid is over you can start chatting to your dream sugar daddy who will solve all of your financial woes.

What’s Your Price Privacy and Security

What’s Your Price is an incredibly secure dating site due to its extensive privacy policy and security protocols. What’s Your Price has a dedicated IIT security team combined with encryption which means hackers stand no chance of getting into the platform and finding out your personal information.

Personal Data Protection

What’s Your Price is committed to safeguarding your private information and data. In its privacy policy, What’s Your Price states it does not share or sell your data to outside parties and only uses your data to enhance your user experience. If you have any questions you can contact the site and also request that your data be deleted.

Customer Support and Moderation

What’s Your Price has a top-tier customer support team that is always ready to help. You can contact their customer support 24/7 and they always reply within 24 hours. What’s Your Price’s customer support are also great moderators and do a thorough job verifying every single user and removing nefarious profiles. Thanks to their customer support you can be sure you are interacting with real people.

Final verdict

What’s Your Price is a one-of-a-kind sugar dating site where men bid to go on dates with women. While the male users aren’t as wealthy as on other sites it is still a great place to meet men who are willing to spend big to meet and date women. If you want to find a sugar daddy who has no issues with paying you for your time then try your luck at What’s Your Price today!


Is What’s Your Price legit?

Yes, What’s Your Price is from the same team that created the most famous sugar dating site Seeking Arrangement and has the same level of security. At What’s Your Price your details and payment information are hidden behind powerful encryption and there is a highly responsive customer support team who moderates the site.

How does What’s Your Price work?

To get started on What’s Your Price you fill in basic info about yourself, upload some pictures and then wait for men to bid on your profile. Once the bidding is over you can connect with the winner and organize your date.

How long does it take to get approved on What’s Your Price?

Your profile at What’s Your Price will usually be approved within 24 hours and will be ready after a maximum of 48 hours. Once you are verified you can receive bids.

How to delete my What’s Your Price profile?

To delete your What’s Your Price profile please follow these steps:

  1. Log into your account
  2. Click on Profile
  3. Select settings
  4. Click delete account

How to cancel My What’s Your Price membership?

To cancel your What’s Your Price membership please follow these steps:

  1. Login to your account
  2. Open settings
  3. Click cancel your membership
  4. Confirm your selection

Does What’s Your Price have customer support?

Yes, What’s Your Price has professional customer support who are easy to reach via email. The customer support is available 24/7 and is always ready to assist. You can expect a reply within 24 hours.

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