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Best Sugar Daddy sites (2021) for Real Dates

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Rich Meet Beautiful

Rich Meet Beautiful

The platform opens tons of opportunities for sugar babies to get a luxurious attitude. Instead, wealthy and established sugar daddies can find cuties to have a good time.

Key Features

  • The site displays prevalent users in your area.
  • Daddies may get “private keys” to make specific settings.
  • The advanced verification process excludes fake accounts on the site.
  • It’s possible to upload photos directly from Facebook.

The RichMeetBeautiful Community

The site covers Americans and Europeans, having 3,000 users worldwide and 60,000 active people online every week. The community is open, friendly and clear about expectations.

Seeking Arrangement

Seeking Arrangement

The website connects girls with successful males for mutually beneficial arrangements. It promises accurate matches with top-notch singles for a safe and prospective sugar dating experience.

Key Features

  • This is one of the most famous websites worldwide.
  • It has publicity in mass media.
  • The site can provide high-quality matches.
  • It has a free trial.
  • The website is free for women.

The Seeking Arrangement Community

The site is full of hot babies and professional men. So, a baby should be outstanding and exclusive to win the competition. This is the best choice for those looking for top-quality connections for beneficial relationships.

Seeking Arrangement



The site focuses mainly on affairs. You are in the right place for sugar babies that don’t mind having relationships with married men. However, there are many rich singles’ profiles on the website too.

Key Features

  • A baby should be prepared for meeting married daddies.
  • A massive member base provides tons of choices to find a sugar daddy.
  • A “Traveling man” feature allows women to see the world.
  • Free options help to explore highlights and read incoming messages.

The AshleyMadison Community

There are many responsive babies on the site. At the same time, a wide range of daddies includes rich men, militaries and even pastors. Note that the site is an internationally recognized platform with a multi-language interface.


The matchmaking service is one of the best sugar daddy websites for long-lasting relationships. It expands sugar-dating opportunities, providing matches for marriage.

Key Features

  • The site features hundreds of real success stories.
  • It is safe to use, having stringent verification requirements.
  • The platform has no bots and fake profiles.
  • A mobile web is available for iOS and Android users.
  • A blog and forum help you learn more about your opportunities.

The Community

The website features 3.8 million users worldwide and 2,600,000 from the USA. The gender proportion is well balanced, and the daddies’ average age is 35-54 years. The platform suits babies’ requirements if they need long-lasting relationships. In their turn, daddies can meet beautiful and intelligent women requirements.

Sugar Daddy Meet

Sugar Daddy Meet

The service operated by has been working in the dating industry for 14 years already. It states no fake sugar daddies or so-called “salty” men that usually pretend to be rich.


  • The service is easy to use.
  • You must attach a photo to a profile to access the site’s options.
  • The system removes suspicious accounts.
  • The layout is well structured.
  • A sugar daddy chatroom is a bonus.

The SugarDaddyMeet Community

The site caters to sugar daddies and babies’ requirements but has no option for sugar moms and toy boys. Still, the platform is available in 20 countries.

Sugar Daddy Meet

What’s a Definition of a Sugar Daddy

Who is a sugar daddy? Forget about Hollywood stereotypes and, in particular, Richard Gere as Edward Lewis in “Pretty Woman.” Sugar daddy is not a lonely man searching for love. He won’t lay the world at your feet for your look. He is a rich man who needs a young lady outside his circle for fun, sex, traveling, business trips, socials, etc. He rewards his temporary partners for their services.

Sometimes, women act as favorers. In this case, it deals with sugar moms looking for girls or hot guys called toy boys.

How Do You Know You Date a Sugar Daddy?

Despite the fundamental money-based conception, sugar daddy relationships may differ. A famous sociologist, Maren Scull, categories their activities into 7 types:

  • Sugar prostitution means simple money-sex exchange.
  • Compensated dating implies a reward for visiting events together.
  • Paid companionship is about the relationships when a daddy provides compensation for a wide range of services, including business assistance.
  • Sugar dating combines sex and other activities in exchange for rewards.
  • Sugar friendships mean compensation for both physical and psychological affinity and involve an emotional component.
  • Pragmatic love often refers to marriage or official agreement when a baby has to take care of a daddy until the end of his life.
  • Millionaire sugar daddy features diversity, so you always must define what you want.

How and Where to Meet a Sugar Daddy?

Attractive and active sugar daddy hunters have tons of opportunities to find a millionaire. Art galleries, antique fairs, auctions, fundraisers, and social occasions are among the top places to run into a prospective gentleman.

However, things aren’t as simple as they look. Babies need expensive clothes, footwear, makeup, and hairstyle to visit all those places, looking for a sugar daddy. So far, not all babies have such enormous resources. Besides, many of them are not public and. requiring special invitations.

Sugar daddy apps are efficient, cheap, and multifunctional. Babies can join several communities and be active on all sites. All they need is to create eye-catching profiles to get more connections. The matchmaking system will do the rest. In this way, a potential sugar baby can continue to carry out her activities and look for a daddy at a time.

How Do Sugar Daddies Usually Reward Their Babies?

Do babies always get cash for their services? That is not always the case. They can get:

  • Money
  • Allowance
  • Physical gifts
  • Tuition, education, or rent fees
  • Career building or development.

Sometimes rather complicated agreements occur between daddies and babies. Some of them involve several types of payments, but all methods are 100% discreet. More likely, people around a couple have no idea that a girl is a sugar baby.

As for money, a pay-per-visit model is one of the most popular payment options. In large cities, sugar babies can get from $300 to $1800, while in smaller localities, their price is from $200 to $1,500. This type of compensation fits those into casual encounters and dating several babies at a time.

How to Define a Sugar Baby?

A sugar baby is in mutually beneficial relationships with men, but she manages to save her morals and principles. She usually sets clear objectives and uses sugar dating as a transitional period on her road to success and wealth.

A sugar baby may contact several men or contract with a single guy for a specified period. She usually sleeps with her daddy, accompanies him on his trips and other events, etc.

All sugar babies are young, attractive, intelligent and easy-going. Among babies, there are a lot of college students who are looking for sugar daddies. They usually need benefactors to pay for their studies, rent, and help with careers.

Do You Want to Become a Sugar Baby?

If you decided to become a sugar baby, you should understand such relationships’ nature and possible consequences. You must know how to look, act and speak to be exclusive and notable.

Of course, sugar dating has requirements. For instance, a baby has to spend time and money on her look. A unique image allows men to notice her and distinguish her from other girls. The same relates to a profile photo on a sugar-dating website. A baby should look attractive but not vulgar and cheap since nude photos reduce her value.

When a newly minted is ready to compete on the sugar-dating scene, she should choose an appropriate sugar daddy website, sign up for it, create her profile, and start getting matches. She must consider devoting adequate time to communicate with potential sugar daddies.

What Should a Sugar Baby Remember?

All sugar babies have rules and boundaries. Some of them are individual, while others are generally accepted. The latter means the following tips for sugar babies:

  • Be realistic and don’t expect love like in fairy tales.
  • You should learn the sugar dating market to require an adequate reward for your services.
  • Besides, please be clear with your expectations and needs to find a correspondent partner.
  • When you are already into sugar daddy dating, define your relationships from the very first meetup to avoid misunderstanding in the future.

A baby should never forget that her romance is more like a job. That’s why it’s critical to take things lightly, keep your promises and demand the same from your daddy. Besides, keep your relationships discreet and respect a man’s wish to hide your “friendship.” Never post photos of you together or brag to all your friends that you have grabbed a moneybag.

How to Communicate with Sugar Daddies?

How to talk to a sugar daddy to please him and make him like you? All men are different and need various types of communication. Some of them prefer to dominate. Such guys can hardly appreciate your personal views and bold remarks. At the same time, many other males would be happy to hear your opinions, reviews, verdicts about a wide range of issues. In any case, a baby must feel a moment to realize what she should say.


How to win a sugar daddy’s heart and mind?

When a baby builds her online presence on a sugar dating website, she should consider some tricks to become catnip for daddies:

  • Write without mistakes.
  • Post only high-quality photos.
  • Shift the focus away from your likes to a daddy’s ones.
  • Be yourself without pretending.
  • Flirt exquisitely to prove that he will have a great time with you.

While messaging men, always stay confident and honest. There is nothing wrong about writing in your profile what you want and expect from your relationships.

Doesn’t sugar dating break the law?

There is a fine line between prostitution and sugar dating, especially when a baby gets cash for casual encounters. Besides, it’s better to work independently and avoid dubious escort services. Officially, no authorities qualify sugar dating as something illegal. The number of legit sugar dating websites proves this statement.

Where do the best sugar daddies live?

Sugar dating is trendy in the USA. The best and the richest daddies live in Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco. You can also try your luck in Atlanta, Las Vegas, Washington, or Boston. Seattle, New Orleans, Minneapolis, Chicago are pretty suitable. Those living in Canada should consider Toronto, Edmonton, and Vancouver. Sugar dating is also very popular in Italy and Japan.

Are sugar daddy platforms free for girls?

Some websites are 100% free for women, while others provide just a few free options. Everything depends on a site’s policy. However, this is not the main criteria for choosing the right platform. Sometimes, it’s better to pay to get a fast and relevant result.

Is it risk-free to be a sugar baby?

Sugar babies are responsible for their safety. They should join credible sites like seeking arrangements to choose reputable men and avoid criminal leaders, mobster, drug dealers, etc. Besides, even the most respectable gentleman might be a freak. Hence, it’s better to know more about a potential sugar daddy before jumping into the pool.

How old are sugar babies?

According to the stats, sugar babies are usually from 19 to 27 years old. Still, one can see many older women’s profiles on sugar dating websites.

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