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Miss Travel Review 2024– Are Sugar Daddies Looking For Travel Partners?

Miss Travel Review 2024– Are Sugar Daddies Looking For Travel Partners?
About Site
Active Audience 59%
Quality Matches 85%
Popular Age 25-26
Profiles 1 200 000
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 8.8
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Unique concept
  • Great user-interface
  • Easy to use
  • Create a public trip
  • Variable paying options for a planned trip
  • Diversified user base
  • Limited features
  • Not your regular dating site
  • The mobile app is not available

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Miss Travel is a platform for single travelers looking for a company. Temporary dates with a potential or just a hookup for your upcoming trip, if this sounds like your need, Miss Travel is for you. The unique platform connects people from different parts of the globe to find a travel partner. The travel expense? You can either pay for the partner, get sponsored, or split the bills; Miss Travel has a well-designed interface for each requirement. All you have to do is set up the profile and get started to find your single travel partner so that your trip is anything but lonely.

An Introduction To Miss Travel

The tagline of Miss Travel says who needs money when you can travel for free or more like beautiful people travel free. It is enough to explain what the site is for; to be exact, however, there are two conceptions. While the first one takes it for anyone who doesn’t like to travel alone, the second point considers Miss Travel a site to find sugar daddies. No wonder the tagline doesn’t help change the idea; it only supports it all the more. Irrespectively it works for both with the common love for traveling. If you are beautiful and have a passport, you could easily get an all-sponsored trip on Miss Travel; what else do you need? Even though several people find travel buddies willing to split the bill, there are more luxury travel opportunities for sugar babies with traveling business people.


Website Interface

Miss Travel is a neatly designed dating site that uses elements that are easy to understand. It uses language and logos that are globally accepted in the dating culture, considering the site’s audience is diverse. Besides, the interface is also neatly stacked for easy navigation. The pages are kept clean and organized, which makes Miss Travel visually appealing. Furthermore, each page follows a different color theme to create differentiation within site and keep the base brand colors constant. While the site scores high on looks, it doesn’t disappoint technically by not having a mobile app for users preferring an application. However, the makers give attention to keeping the Miss Travel site optimized for fast loading on all devices, including smartphones and tablets. Hence, despite the lack of a downloadable mobile app, Miss Travel assures reachability to everyone through a well-maintained and technologically updated website.

Miss Travel Mobile Application

Miss Travel doesn’t have a mobile application version that you can download on your phone. However, the site is compatible with all devices, meaning you can visit the sugar dating site on any device, and it will function properly. Also, you don’t miss any features while using the website on your mobile. For example, the absence of the app allows you to keep your phone clean of any app that could embarrass you in public. Furthermore, it maintains your privacy yet gives you convenience by being accessible to the device of your choice. Hence, despite the lack, there is nothing that you miss in terms of user experience.


User Demographics & Distribution

One of the best things about Miss Travel is its base of one million global users. It ensures that you will always end up finding a travel partner of your likes from the site. Also, unlike other dating platforms that claim equal numbers or even more, Miss Travel has a very high activity rate. It means the numbers that it claims are active on-site and real users, which makes the experience on the platform worthwhile.

But that is not all; the real highlight is its almost perfect balance of men and women. Yes, the ratio is almost 1:1 and hints towards the excellent chance of finding excellent partners. The age distribution shows that more men are from the older age groups, above 32 years and women mostly belong to the younger ones. If you consider Miss Travel as one of the sugar dating sites, you are at the perfect place. The distribution shows the obvious attraction towards older men and young women on the site.

If we consider the geographical factor, the user base shows good diversity. While the numbers come from different countries, the major popularity of Miss Travel is seen in the UK, US, and Belgium.

Can You Find A Sugar daddy On Miss Travel?

The one million numbers, gender distribution, age distribution, and high activity rate point out towards only one direction. It indicates that the chances of finding a sugar daddy or a baby are quite high. If you are a toy boy looking for a sugar mommy, you could still try Miss Travel. However, the experience may not be as overwhelming as for the sugar babies looking for daddies. The assumption comes from the numbers you see on the age distribution and nothing else. Also, another great thing is since the location isn’t one of the main requirements for everyone, the response rate and profile qualities are better than the other contemporaries. So, in short, you will not be disappointed on the site.


Signing Up On Miss Travel

Miss Travel has a simple and quick registration process. It takes less than two minutes to complete. However, there is no direct social login available for the users as a shortcut. You instead need to find a unique username to continue with your email id and password. The next step requires verifying the email id and entering the Miss Travel site through your account. While email verification completes the registration, you are thrown into an editable form-like space that asks for your information. You can either choose to edit the information or skip the step for later.

Miss Travel: User Profile Setup & Details

The profile setup is an optionable step on Miss Travel, but most people don’t skip it. This is because profiles cause an impression on people and realize that most people make them look real. Another reason for the high quality and complete profiles on the Miss Travel site is its length. Since there are not many fields to fill on the setup, it doesn’t take much time. Hence, most people dont find a reason to delay the step unnecessarily when completing it could only mean more exposure. Miss Travel asks for a combination of personal and personality questions to create the perfect balance of open and close-ended questions.

Additionally, the step involves uploading photos. While you can upload as many as you like, or you could leave it nil, most people add a minimum of three photos. Below that number, profiles look suspicious and fake.

Identity Verification Of Profiles

There is no additional step for verifying accounts. The only verification required on Miss Travel is the one the makers ask for when registering, where you need to verify your email address. However, the account verification system that several other dating sites have to verify identities is missing on the platform. So it may cause doubts in a world full of online scams about real identities. But having said that, the users on Miss Travel are pretty happy with their experiences where cheating is not a concern.


Miss Travel: Finding Matches & Making Contacts

Miss Travel works similar to a sugar dating site with an additional feature of adding trips. After completing your profile, you can use the search bar to look for people. The search on Miss Travel is loaded with filters to make your search results more appropriate. Alternatively, you could also choose to update your upcoming trip if there are any expectations from the partner. It means that you could update if you want your partner to not pay at all or split the bill with you. Besides you could also look for upcoming plans, people are going on and if you would like to join them. Browsing through profiles is free, and you could also add them to your list of favorites. You may request to join a trip when found one and check who has added you to their favorites list. While these are additional features, the real communication mode messaging has limits. However, the good news is, it is free for women, similar to other sugar dating sites. But men cannot access the messaging for free; they have to pay for reading and sending messages on Miss Travel. Another important point is that the site does not recommend any matches for users. Instead, you will need to use the search bar to find options.

Miss Travel- Subscription Plans & Prices

Since Miss Travel is free for women, the subscription plans are applicable for men. If you consider Miss Travel as a sugar dating site, then it makes sense. The money-loaded sugar daddies have to pay, but the young sugar babies can use it for free. Also, if you look at the price, it is not small. It clearly points out how it is meant for men who have limitless credit cards. Here is the list of options men get to purchase using their credit or debit cards-

  • One month- 59.99 USD
  • 3 months- 164.97 USD
  • 6 months- 299.94 USD

Free Features

If we do not consider sugar babies or, in general, the women get it all for free, here is a list of features that the men can enjoy. So before having to pay for any of the available Miss Travel subscription plans, they can use these and see the quality of the website.

  • Registration
  • Profile setup and photo uploads
  • Trip update
  • Creating and editing the list of favorites
  • Search users
  • Browse profiles
  • Send a request to join a trip
  • See who visited your profile and added you to their list of favorites.

Exclusive Premium Features

Men on Miss Travel, after purchasing a subscription plan, get access to the entire platform. However, the exclusive features that they get post becoming premium members are as follows:

  • Read received messages
  • Send texts to any user on Miss Travel
  • See highlighted trips
  • Go anonymous and browse without letting the users know that you have visited their profile.

Safety On Miss Travel

Miss Travel does not even ask for your real name at the time of registration, taking a strong stance on privacy and security at the very beginning. The profile setup on the website doesn’t ask for deeper questions as well, which could reveal too much about your identity. However, it strongly recommends using real photos; otherwise, you run the risk of getting banned. People on Miss Travel are interacting to meet and go on a trip together, so lying about the basic things could create doubts and failed matches.

Data Protection

Miss Travel does not ask personal questions much to put anything at risk. There is hardly any sensitive information on the profile that could be at risk since the profile is designed to be informative and privacy-friendly. Besides, the website is protected with an SSL certificate to ensure encrypted conversations and secure profiles from cyber data stealing. Furthermore, Miss Travel allows users to keep their profiles private and give access to only certain people.


Support & Moderation

Miss Travel thrives on high-quality profiles, which is proof of continuous moderation on the site. Alternatively, you can also report and block users you find unreal and fake to bring the makers’ attention to the person’s activity. Besides, you could reach out to the support team in case of issues that require more clarity than offered on the FAQ page. There are two ways to go about it. You may either choose to write to the Miss Travel team through the Help page, where there is a form you need to complete to share your grievance with them. Otherwise, you can email the team directly at [email protected]. Either way, you get the response on your registered email id within two working days. However, you cannot reach the team through an instant chat service or call.


Despite being considered one of the sugar dating sites, Miss Travel has much more to offer. The unique concept calls the attention of several kinds of people and not just sugar daddies. It is why you easily find partners willing to travel with you on the condition of splitting the bills. However, while the option of completely paid trips is available on the website, finding such sponsors could require a bit of luck. But it is not impossible, so don’t stop looking if you are on Miss Travel. All in all, simplistic approach, unique ideas, great profiles, but expensive for men, as women can enjoy the site for free. However, if the men can pay, the rest of the experience on Miss Travel can be worth the money.



Is Miss Travel A Real Dating Platform?

Miss Travel is a registered dating platform that caters to a legit requirement and hence its growing popularity. The unique concept makes the site so much in demand. You can be sure of the audience since the user base on Miss Travel, besides being real, are extremely active.

How Does Miss Travel Function?

Miss Travel doesn’t have many complicated features. You register, verify your email, set up your profile, and upload at least three original photos to get started. Then, post setting up your account; you need to navigate the search bar to find people with trips. Request them and wait for their response. You may also browse through the profiles and add them to your list of favorites. Alternatively, you may create a trip on your profile to let people approach you. Even in that case, you can use the search bar to find potential travel partners from Miss Travel. While all this is free for everyone, men require a Miss Travel subscription to access the instant messenger.

How Much Time Do I Need To Wait For An Approval On Miss Travel?

There is no manual profile verification on the site. Hence, there is no particular approval time that you need to wait for on Miss Travel. Instead, you can register in two minutes, verify your email in another half a minute, enter the site, and get started right away. There is literally no waiting period.

How Can I Delete My Miss Travel Profile?

The option to delete your Miss Travel profile is available in the settings. Browse through your dashboard to find account settings where you will get the option to delete your account permanently. However, you will not be able to reverse your action, and that you will lose all the data on your Miss Travel profile, including favorites, messages, profile info, etc.

How Can I Cancel The Miss Travel Premium Subscription?

Again, find account settings in your Miss Travel dashboard. You will find subscriptions as one of the options in it, which will further expand to show cancel subscriptions. Clicking on the option will send the request to the makers. A confirmation email takes only a few hours at maximum to complete the cancellation request on Miss Travel.

How To Get In Touch With Miss Travel?

There are two ways to contact Miss Travel or, rather, the support team. You could either use the help page to send your grievance through an embedded email form or write your issue to the team at [email protected]. Either way, the response time is the same, which is two to five working days. However, the Miss Travel team generally responds within 24 hours.

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