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Information We Collect

Our site’s engine collects and stores personally identifiable data that you provide to us during the registration. It includes your full name, ZIP code, email address, telephone number, credit card details, and information concerning your preferences and leisure activities. We may also automatically collect the next data: your device ID, IP address, user activity, or your browser details.

We introduce cookies for a better site’s work and upgraded user experience. They help us analyze how you use our site and how much time you spend on one or another section of our platform. The information about your clicking activity and search history may also be collected. Advertising companies and third parties are also interested in collecting this data and may access it occasionally independently from us. However, we do not share your personal details with them and are only in charge of sharing user activity and cookies that do not reveal your identity.

Information You Provide

It would help if you remembered that any data and personal content you share on this platform would become visible to all the sites’ members, so it should follow Terms of Service and Community Guidelines. Your data and any profile details are not in the open web access. Thus, Internet users not logged in to our site will not see them unless ther register on You are to decide what details you want to share.

You are free to change them in the profile privacy settings. We bear no liability for the target audience that may see your account data. Stay aware of what details you share about yourself: you can always see their list in your profile settings and change this data unless your profile has been removed from the platform.

How We Use Your Information

The data collected by our site’s engine is used to upgrade your user experience and the proper functioning of all the platform’s sections. We share your data with some third-party companies that implement it in the course of advertising their products on our site. We do not sell your information to any unrelated companies.

We will also apply your data to upgrading the next services:

  • Providing you with the product details offered on our platform or other products that we think rely on your target;
  • Offering you the best customer care and solving any account-related issues;
  • Analyzing your user experience and thinking about ways to provide you with better quality of services and products;
  • Sharing content that will be useful for you and developing ads that will help you explore more interesting platforms;
  • Tracking down the analytics of your interaction with the classified ads;
  • Providing better security and data safety on our platform;
  • Offering better payment processing and advancing your subscription experience.

In case you would like more about how our Privacy Policy rules work or have any questions — be sure to contact us via our email: [email protected].

We introduce cookie files to follow your user route on the platform and make your experience of using the site more convenient. They provide us with all the data needed to better process your user behaviors and help our team improve the website layout. Personal data of the site visitors remain anonymous during the process of cookie collecting. Your web browser may work in a way that allows it to accept all cookie files automatically. Nevertheless, you may decide to change these default settings and refuse to share cookies.

Measures We Apply for Your Personal Information Protection

We are not committed to sharing your data with any unrelated companies except for the next cases:

  • Companies that provide you with services presented on our platform offered on our behalf and influence your using the site. These third parties can only interact with the data related to their products and not access any of your details.
  • When it comes to requests for cooperation from law enforcement, a court order, or a subpoena.
  • When it comes to defending legal claims of users or their rights under the law.
  • Carrying out the ad analysis of your using the site and studying how you interact with banners or calls to action.

Our company also shares and analyses some non-personal details and identity-related data in the encrypted form that will be used to upgrade your user experience. We are committed to taking every measure suitable to secure your personal details from being stolen by scammers or sold to unrelated companies. Nevertheless, it would help if you always stayed on alert concerning what information you share on our platform. Unfortunately, we are physically unable to protect everyone as we cannot influence the course of your personal interaction with other site users. We can only guarantee that your chat and everything shared inside it stays secure and encrypted from the outside influence.