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RichMeetBeautiful Review- Home To Sugar Daddies Or Scam?

RichMeetBeautiful Review- Home To Sugar Daddies Or Scam?
About Site
Active Audience 60%
Quality Matches 82%
Popular Age 26-38
Profiles 200 850
Reply Rate 72%
Ease of Use 9
Popularity 9.4
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Simple registration
  • Free for sugar babies
  • Several interesting features
  • Effective communication modes
  • Impactful search engine
  • Both for sugar daddies and mommies
  • The user base is yet to grow large
  • Several fake profiles
  • No verification system to ensure the earnings of the millionaires
  • No match suggestions. The only way to find matches is through search.

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RichMeetBeautiful is a name that speaks for itself. Beautiful and young women are high maintenance, period. You cannot just expect to find ultimate beauty that requires continuous grooming and expensive attire to look hot and classy. So are men with super hot bodies. And so, there is nothing wrong with looking for people who can afford to maintain you in a relationship. Enter sugar daddies and mommies in the picture because these are the ultimate connections that satisfy both parties. RichMeetBeautiful is the dating site where sugar babies can find their sugar daddies and mommies without wasting their time on random dating sites.

RichMeetBeautiful- Overview

Launched in 2017, the RichMeetBeautiful site is a dating platform for the rich sugar daddies and mommies to find a beautiful or handsome partner. The purpose could be anything from a single hookup, casual fun, a traveling partner, or even a longer-lasting relationship. Since RichMeetBeautiful is a European dating site mainly with a global presence, the platform is particularly great for people from the area or visiting. One of the best things about being a part of this growing community is that you don’t need to explain the conditions or expectations of the relationship to everyone. The niche dating site makes the process easy, fast, and far more convenient for sugar babies and daddies while approaching partners. The need-based relationship with no promises on time and commitment is laid down as a fact without stating it now and then.


RichMeetBeautiful- Website Design

RichMeetBeautiful is a well-designed dating site. The ease of use is the highlight on the site which can be seen through the language used on the website, navigation, and color highlights. Aside from the visual presentation, the site is maintained in terms of technicalities as well. Regular optimization of the RichMeetBeautiful site makes it browsable on all devices irrespective of their size and reduces the loading time to a minimum. Besides, the design ensures a clean looking organized website with features not looking crowded at all.

RichMeetBeautiful App

Similar to the RichMeetBeautiful website, getting the mobile app for the site is free. The only difference is that you need to download the application from iTunes or the App Store for your Apple phone and Play Store for your Android devices. The RichMeetBeautiful app is designed to offer all the features present on the website to the app users without making it look clammy and confusing. The application comes in handy to people preferring smartphones over desktops, especially because of additional convenience at all times. And if you are wondering, there are no exclusive offers or different rules followed on the app than on the RichMeetBeautiful website.


RichMeetBeautiful- User Demographics

Because RichMeetBeautiful was launched initially in Europe, the large population or the user base from the European countries seems realistic. However, the popularity of the platform in the US is quite impressive, especially with men. While an approximate number of 500,000 members are registered on the RichMeetBeautiful site, 13% of whom are men while the rest are women showing clear dominance by women. However, the same is not true with sugar mommies. Even though present, the percentage is very low against sugar daddies whose age vary between 30 and 54 years. The numbers show how the RichMeetBeautiful site is dominated by young women aged 18 and 30, the classic age for sugar babies. Also, the site is good for sugar mummies looking for toyboys since their numbers are anything but negligible.

What Are The Chances Of Finding A Sugar Daddy Or Baby On RichMeetBeautiful?

If you look at the numbers, you will realize that finding a sugar daddy on RichMeetBeautiful will not be very easy. Even though not impossible, the competition is very high since the site is dominated by 87% of women, most of whom are posing as sugar babies on the platform. However, since sugar daddies tend to have changing preferences and temporary requirements, there is always hope. Also, the growing popularity of the platform could work in your favor. Hence, irrespective of the numbers and ratio, the chances of finding a sugar daddy are never zero or negligible. Although if you do not fall under the best faces of the site, you might have to wait for a little for your turn.


RichMeetBeautiful- Signing Up

RichMeetBeautiful works similar to any other popular dating site. Besides offering a registration form on the landing page or the site’s home page, it also allows a quick login with the Facebook button. Irrespective of the option you take, it doesn’t take much time or money to complete the process. While the registration form asks for a few commonly asked questions for account creation like email, password, age, gender, username, and location, there is an additional step to confirm captcha for verification. Besides, the RichMeetBeautiful site makes an additional confirmation about your identity as a human by asking for email verification to avoid bots running on their site. Although completing the signup process takes less than a few minutes to complete, using the login with Facebook shortens the process even more by letting you bypass several steps of typing and verification.

RichMeetBeautiful Profile Setup

Despite the registration process requiring a little information, a profile setup is a completely different step. It nowhere means that you are even half done with signing up. The signup form takes only private information and is used for account settings, not profile, which is public information. It consists of more than one section and requires a few minutes to complete. While you can make your profile public or private, keeping it complete is the only way to get maximum responses because incomplete profiles scream fake and cheats. The different sections of a user profile on RichMeetBeautiful talks about appearance, personality, requirements in the partner, and bio. While the amount of details you want to add is yours to decide on, you can edit it anytime. Also, adding photos by importing images from either your device or Facebook is a part of the profile setup on RichMeetBeautiful.


RichMeetBeautiful- User Verification

The RichMeetBeautiful site verifies users at different stages for different purposes. The first verification is required at the time of registration on the landing page to submit a captcha. However, you can entirely skip it if you use the login with Facebook. However, captcha confirms that the registration is being done by a human and not a bot. The next user verification is required right after the registration in the form of email confirmation. The step ensures that the details submitted are real and the person is indeed human and not a bot. But, irrespective of the two compulsory user verification steps, the RichMeetBeautiful site has fake profiles. The lack of user verification to confirm identity and earnings is the cause.

RichMeetBeautiful Match Matching Algorithm

One of the demerits of the RichMeetBeautiful site is its lack of suggestions based on algorithms. Instead, it depends on the traditional searching system, which means you need to use the search bar to define your perfect partner and browse from the results. However, the experience is not as bad as it seems because the lack is met with advanced search filters, making defining your partner easy. Additionally, when you enter the RichMeetBeautiful site, you are met with two clear divisions. While one is for navigation, the second shows top users, which you can further sort based on distance, location, online status, and more. On finding someone you like, you can either add them to your list of favorites, click on the photo to browse their profile, or message them to make conversations. The RichMeetBeautiful is a rather simple site with not many features. Hence the process of finding someone new and likable, followed by approaching them, doesn’t involve any over-the-top steps.


RichMeetBeautiful- Premium Subscription Plans & Pricing

The good news for the sugar babies on the RichMeetBeautiful site, your access to the platform is free without limitation. However, you will need to prove that you indeed are a young woman by providing your student id. Also, the offer is only valid for women and not men willing to be toyboys for sugar mamas. Additionally, despite the plans being expensive, it is nothing for the registered sugar daddies and mommies. The amount is every bit worth the profiles on the RichMeetBeautiful platform. You can use your credit or debit cards to complete the purchase of a subscription on the site. Following are the available subscription plans for sugar daddies on the RichMeetBeautiful site.

  • 1 Month- 69.99 USD
  • 3 Months- 179.97 USD
  • 6 Months- 299.94 USD
  • 12 Months- 479.88 USD

Free Features

Since the entire RichMeetBeautiful platform is free for the sugar babies, the list of free features mentioned below is only applicable for the sugar daddies on the site:

  • Registration
  • Profile setup
  • Photo uploads
  • Wink
  • Browse photos
  • Blog

Post paying up for one of the subscription plans on the sugar dating platform; a sugar daddy can access the following features:

  • Read messages
  • Send and receive messages
  • Get the list of profile visitors
  • Send gifts
  • See the names of people flirting with you and sending you gifts

State Of Privacy & Security On The RichMeetBeautiful Site

Since many of the users are high profile, RichMeetBeautiful has a feature to let members enjoy anonymity to a certain extent. Private keys let users lock their profiles with exclusive access to people placing requests. Thus, all the information stays safe and secure from random fake users. Also, the messages are encrypted for complete privacy between the two parties. Furthermore, RichMeetBeautiful encourages its users to practice safety protocols, including making video calls before trusting a profile.


User Data Protection

While the site developers ensure complete data protection by not selling or using the user data for any reason, there is no reason not to worry. Online platforms can never be 100% safe, which is why you must always be careful with your sensitive information. Firstly, you should absolutely refrain from giving away too much of your personal contact details on a public profile. And second, be wary of the person you are talking to irrespectively. There are all sorts of people online, and no platform, including RichMeetBeautiful, can do a background check and make identity verification of each user. Hence taking measured steps online is the only way to protect you and the data sensitive to you.

Customer Support & Site Moderation

RichMeetBeautiful has a dedicated customer support team. However, the team is only available through email. You cannot reach the team with a call or instant chat system, making the process a little more complicated and time-consuming than others. Although responsive, a response takes about 24 to 48 hours to arrive typically but could be less. While there are no complaints regarding the customer support team of RichMeetBeautiful, there is room for improvement. For example, since there is no direct way to cancel a subscription, a delay of one to two days can get charged for a full month when not wanted. Also, the absence of a refund facility adds to the inconvenience caused due to the process.


On the other hand, the team is quite active with the site moderation. The algorithm on the RichMeetBeautiful keeps an eye for suspicious activities. While the process may not be foolproof, the team takes instant action on reports. So, in case you come across a profile that seems fake or used by a cheat, you can report and block the profile. The step instant notifies the team of the suspicious character. Furthermore, they keep a keen eye on the profile’s activities before banning it if more reports are found against it.

Summing Up

RichMeetBeautiful is a sugar dating site with both high and low points to consider. While the minimalistic and direct approach adds the site to the pro points, there is room for improvement in several places:

  1. Popularity or the user base, which is still limited and concentrated in certain areas, makes RichMeetBeautiful not a good choice for anyone across the globe.
  2. The introduction of match suggestions as a feature can make things look updated on the platform.
  3. A stricter verification system could add a lot of meaning and trust for the users.

However, the continuous moderation on the less yet quality profiles of both sugar daddies and sugar babies is causing rapid growth in the platform’s popularity. And since there is no location-based matching system, your search results do not get limited. It is one reason why it’s a must-visit if you are looking for a sugar baby or daddy, irrespective of your location. Oh, and yes, let’s not forget, RichMeetBeautiful is free for sugar babies. Toyboys and sugar mommies can try the site as well.



Is RichMeetBeautiful A Legit Sugar Dating Site?

RichMeetBeautiful is a legit site. It was developed in 2017, which means it is fairly new in the industry with a comparatively small audience base, but the users are real. Even though there is the presence of fake profiles and cheats, the percentage is very low. Also, the site is secured with SSL certifications which ensures privacy and protection to the users.

How Does The RichMeetBeautiful Site Work?

The RichMeetBeautiful is a dating site for sugar babies and daddies with a simple approach. Compulsory registration, minimum age 18+, email verification, profile setup, photo upload, and you are good to go. Since RichMeetBeautiful does not use an AI to suggest matches, you get a search bar with filters to describe your requirement. You can send the users you like a wink or add them to your favorite list besides sending them messages, of course. You may also send gifts to impress a person and ask for a private key to see photos of a locked profile. And since RichMeetBeautiful is free for sugar babies, everything is available to you, but in the case of sugar daddies, you will need to pay for communication, gifts, and private keys.

How Much Time Does RichMeetBeautiful Take To Approve User Profiles?

The approval on RichMeetBeautiful requires email verification post the signup. That’s it! And hence, you can access your profile almost instantly since the mail takes less than a minute to reach. All you have to do is click on the link and verify and confirm your email id to get the approval. There is no other manual approval system adopted on the sugar dating site.

How Do You Delete Your RichMeetBeautiful Profile?

If you want to delete your sugar baby or sugar daddy profile from the RichMeetBeautiful site, all you need to do is navigate to the settings option. Then, browse through the list and find ‘delete account permanently’ to complete the process. However, RichMeetBeautiful will ask for your confirmation on a dialog box before deleting your account as the step is irreversible and clears all data.

How Do You Cancel A RichMeetBeautiful Subscription?

A direct button for subscription cancellation is missing in the settings options. Instead, you need to place a request for subscription discontinuation or cancellation with the RichMeetBeautiful team by contacting through email. The process takes a day or two to complete; hence, keep a buffer time in hand before you write. Otherwise, you may end up paying for an extra month unwillingly and not get a refund for it since that is not available on the site.

How To Contact The RichMeetBeautiful Team?

You can write to the support team of the RichMeetBeautiful at- [email protected] to contact them.

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